Thursday, August 21, 2014

Kindly Speaking . ..

Yep, that's Cheryl - the other half of FAB - shown here with our 'sailor' son Cory who is now furthering his education in Washington after a five year stint with the US Navy. Cheryl sits in the background and doesn't take any credit like she should. While I am working on the 'technical' stuff here at FAB she is busy using her creativity to enhance the FAB brand. Whether its designing a new poster, website, layout in the store or scolding me for 'jumping into something'  Cheryl makes her presence known and 'grounds' me when I get out of sorts. Over these past 12 years we have taken criticism for opening another magic company in Colon - and there were days when I could pull my hair out (what is left of it anyway) - but here we are a dozen years later, growing the business to new heights and her support is still unwavering. There were 'salad' days when we first started FAB and everyday poses new challenges but I know with her support we will continue to go forward making tough decisions that are beneficial for this company and for us personally.

I work long hours - check that - I have fun - this isn't is laying bricks or digging a ditch. I get up every morning ready to tackle the challenges of the day knowing at the end of that day Cheryl 'has my back' :) So if you are in the store or come by our new workshop and you see her running around just stop and say hello :)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

It's amazing how time gets away from a person. We have been so busy with the shop and MagiCelebration I haven't had time to sit down and write in this blog. Lots has happened in the last 4 months here at FAB. We hired Tammy Whiting as our new office manager and she is doing a terrific job. She stepped into the role famously and is a true asset to this company. A friendly smile on the other end of the telephone makes all the difference in the world. Tammy is now also our coordinator for the ARTS & CRAFTS portion of MagiCelebration next July

We have repainted inside and outside here at FAB and Cheryl has done a FABulous job of bringing everything up to date and making it all look like a brand new penny :) You have to have 'vision' when planning these things and hers has certainly left a lasting impression on the way we brand FAB Magic. Thank you my dear - kudos to all of your hard work and putting up with me :)

New signage, new look, same great tradition ----- and NEW building! We have moved all of our workshops into this new facility just outside of town which gives us the space to construct just about anything in magic! New woodshop,paint shop,sewing dept, printing dept = the complete package. It's all about the future of magic and we are now positioned to give you everything you need - let us know what we can build for you! Moving forward we have lots of plans in the works - MagiCelebration July 20-25th, 2015 - so much to do...and I promise to update this blog more often :) Now..............back to work :)

This building will house our workshops

 New look at our downtown showroom/general offices

Sunday, March 16, 2014

When FAB Magic first opened 11 years ago we started with a skeleton staff. The three of us did it all - shipping,demonstrating, constructing, cleaning the toilets, you name it --- we did it... and did it and did it. Lots of bumps in the roads and stuff that had nothing to do with magic that we had to endure on a personal level.

Well, now 11 years later we have grown to the point where we now have 2 wood workers, a full and part time seamstress and yes now we have to add additional staff. We are looking for a good experienced woodworker and office manager - with the busy summer months/tourist season just ahead and increase in orders we have to grow- I have to tell you it's hard for me to let go but it is necessary if we want to continue to grow this operation - and grow we will. :) Custom orders used to be the exception now they are taking up nearly 50% of our time - more and more of you want special products - and have made a committment to do more of these. Illusions are now a part of our product line and our new Elite line of illusions is on the horizon. Yes, all of FAB Magic is made here in Colon - absolutely NO outsourcing - not one FAB product is manufactured or assembled outside of the United States. We are American proud and that will NEVER thank you all for your loyalty! We appreciate it! now watch us grow!

Rick Fisher, president